Let Nature assist in welcoming your visitors.

Designed for outside or inside use, the “Welcome Collection” signs can be permanently mounted with supplied screws, or hung like a picture using the attached saw-tooth hangers. The materials and paints used are weather resistant. All birds are male except for the “pairs”. 

Overboard Art hangs one at the driveway entrance from an iron rod that has been announcing the destination for over 12 years (rod not included).

Cardinal Welcome Sculpture
$50.00 Cardinal "Welcome"
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Eastern Bluebird "Welcome"
$50.00 Eastern Bluebird "Welcome"
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Eastern Bluebird Pair "Welcome"
$50.00 Eastern Bluebird Pair "Welcome"
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Red-bellied Woodpecker "Welcome"
$50.00 Red-bellied Woodpecker "Welcome"
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