Passing Comets
Passing Comets Passing Comets

Passing Comets

A collection of short terse comments that pass like comets in the night sky. These comments are what remains after life has boiled down experience to its essence. They are seeds of thought I wish to share. As an artist, I offer art. As a writer, I offer artful words. A friend who read the book had this to say, “I would be hard to put a price for many of these comets, especially number 363.”

It’s a fun read, mixed with insights that may even aspire to be provocative. Each comment is one or two, at most a few sentences; like a box of chocolates that comes in a variety of shapes and flavors. The nice thing about a comment is that each one is complete in itself; no further explanation needed.

The Collector’s Edition is only available on this website. Each collector’s book is signed by the author, "remarked" and is a numbered edition of 100.

You can also order at your favorite bookstore or purchase it online through

            Kindle eBook: $9.99 (digital version)

            Paperback: $21.50

            Hardback: $27.50

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