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Collecting Art and Sculpture

Art and sculpture, along with collectibles of all sorts, accumulate value over time. An object that can survive the vicissitudes of the years earns collector points just for showing up in the future. An object that is a labor of love—where someone has carefully crafted an outcome—further adds to its value. When the object is a poignant reminder of its times, it acquires additional value, and when the object speaks to us with emotion and brilliance, it becomes a treasure. These are all things artists strive to bring together in the work they do—whether it be a humble endeavor or monumental in scope. Overboard Art, in its modest way, attempts this near impossible mission: to be worthy of keeping.

At Overboard Art, the question we ask at the end of the day is “Would this (the work that we have done) be something we ourselves would take home?” We keep working until it is right and if it is just flat-out wrong, we recycle it.

The old saying in collecting goes, “First of all, like it.” Whether or not it is a good investment is a secondary issue. If it is something you like, you will never be disappointed.  And when the object finally becomes a collectible, whoever owns it, will appreciate the husbandry and care you have given the piece through the years. 

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Pintail Drake Circa 1975 by Don Briddell - Sold for $1,912

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