Christmas Tree Ornament


Dear Customers, 

Each year I carve the original design for Overboard Art’s Christmas Tree Ornament Collection. The idea started in 1990 when my wife, Victoria Moo, wanted me to do an ornament for our Christmas tree. Employees at Overboard Art liked the results and asked for one of their own. Before long I was in full production. Taking the ornament to the Easton Waterfowl Festival that year, proved to be an instant hit.

My goal has been to do Christmas ornaments of all the waterfowl, (ducks, geese, and swans) of North America of which there are over 45 species. Fearing I wouldn't be able to complete this goal, I have been pre-releasing future years.

The collection is a price-limited edition, meaning that once the current piece is issued,  all pieces from previous years go up $1.00. Over time, the value of the collection will, by itself, limit the number produced.  In this way the price will limit the size of the collection and protect the collectable value for our annual repeat customers.

This year I made the 2025 ornament.

The ornament comes in a soft drawstring cloth bag and is packed in a white gift box. I am personally painting all these pieces and signing them. They are American made at our Maryland studio. You are getting every bit a hand-made work of art, as we like to think of them. 

Let us be the first to wish you and yours all the Blessing of the Christmas season to come and a New Year filled with happiness.

Don and Victoria Moo Briddell



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