Gallery Collection


The Gallery Collection is a special collection of major pieces made with significant attention, detail, and care. The sculpting and painting skills for Galley pieces are demanding and time-consuming. These pieces draw from Don’s life and experience with nature, birds, and the outdoors. One reoccurring theme seen in the Gallery Collection is how birds interact with humans and vice versa. Often found objects—be they natural or man-made—play a large roll in the piece. This is a uniquely American approach to art and sculpture, the kind of thing that is not found elsewhere in the world. The Gallery Collection represents Overboard Art’s finest efforts.

Henry Overboard Limited Edition Scupture
$1,500.00 Henry Overboard
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Bobwhite Quail Hen and Chicks
$1,000.00 Bobwhite Quail Hen with Chicks "Bobbie and her Brood"
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Tufted Titmouse "Peter's Perch"
$150.00 Tufted Titmouse "Peter's Perch"
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