Bobwhite Quail Hen and Chicks
Bobwhite Quail Hen and Chicks Bobwhite Quail Hen and Chicks Quail Art

Bobwhite Quail Hen with Chicks "Bobbie and her Brood"


  • Bobwhite Quail Hen with Chicks table top gallery collection sculpture. Handmade by the artist in Maryland, USA from sculptural resins and high quality acrylic paints with a turned walnut base. In this piece, the hen has her numerous offspring assembled about her as they sun on a rocky outcrop invoking the quiet days of summer. The original one-piece woodcarving of the birds was joined to a clay sculpture of the rocks and grass, after which the combined piece was molded.
  • Dimensions: Base is 10" in diameter x 6" vertical

    Labeling: Each piece comes with a descriptive Certificate of Authenticity attached to the back; signed, dated and numbered by Don Briddell.

    Edition size: 27

    Product number: 297

  • This product will ship within 3-4 weeks. Shipping is via UPS.

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