What is a Limited Edition?

Most Overboard Art products are limited editions, meaning we will make a limited number of a particular piece and no more. Once the edition number has been reached the molds are retired or destroyed. Occasionally, Overboard Art will decide to lower the edition size. Edition size can be lowered but never increased once the piece is offered for sale. This website will keep the public posted on current edition sizes.

The purpose of Limited Edition art is:   

  1. To enhance the value of the piece over time, as collectable value depends, in part, on how many pieces of an edition exist.
  2. To indicate the complexity and difficulty of a piece. Pieces that take a long time to make and demand a high degree of craftsmanship and artistic ability usually have lower edition numbers.
  3. To allow us to be doing new work and keep our product line growing.
  4. And finally, to provide an excuse to have a party. On finishing an edition we celebrate with a party.