Old Squaws "Sweethearts" 2020 Christmas Tree Ornament

Old Squaws "Sweethearts" 2020 Christmas Tree Ornament

  • This 2020 Collector's Christmas Tree Ornament is a pair of Old Squaws (Long-Tailed Ducks), hand-painted and signed by the artist, Don Briddell. Made from sculptural resin and high quality acrylic paint. 100% made in Maryland.

    This ornament is the 31st issue of the Christmas Tree Ornament (CTO) collection which began in 1990. The intent is to cover all 43 species of North American waterfowl. The Long-Tailed Duck, formerly called Old Squaw, is the first CTO featuring both the male and female together, embraced in a heart shape. 
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    "From the shore of the marshes around Crisfield, Maryland, I used to listen to Old Squaws in large rafts out on the Chesapeake Bay calling melodiously a song that sounded like 'old squaw, old squaw, old squaw'. It is a very stirring sound that remains clearly remembered today." - Don Briddell

  • Dimensions average: 4" horizontal x 4" vertical x 1" deep

    Labeling: Each piece comes with an attached label signed by Don Briddell. For special signage instructions, please type comments in shopping cart box, or email sales@overboardart.com.

    Edition size: Price Limited Edition: Each piece is introduced at the same price and will go up $1.00 a year each year thereafter, limiting the edition size as a matter of economics

    Gift Box: The ornament comes in a soft draw-string cloth bag and is packed in a white gift box. Hanger included.

  • This product will ship within 2 weeks.

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